God is a wonderful God, (Believe and trust in him) >>>> He is worthy to be praise

God is a miracle God He can do undo unto you all you need to do is just believe and have faith in him, He is ready to answer you if you come to Him with all your heart and soul, He is worthy to be praise

Jesus is Lord.

You been alive today is for the purpose, God knows why he still keep you breathing, come unto him and forget things of the world

You been alive today is for the purpose, God love you, God can never hate you because he created you for his own image and he want all of us to come to him,
Are you ready?

You been alive today is the only way for you to embrace him, he is the only way for us live enternaly, you can’t survive with him in you, come to Jesus now tomorrow may be too late.

At the foot of the cross.
Bless you all

Jesus is the solid rock in him their is no failure

Jesus christ is the son of God, the greater one who created heaven and earth and everything their in living and non-living in Him there is no failure, if anyone who abide in him can never be removed or shaken by anything because he is also in him or her, discover the goodness of christ Jesus in your life today by accepting him into your life with all your mind and soul and he will keep you safe, Know christ Jesus today through the pages of the bible He is the King.

At the foot of the cross